Choose the service option which best fits your needs! Each includes the following:

  • Any nutrition or diet guidelines can be used, ranging from specific diets like paleo or weight watchers to vegan cooking to full flavor (aka: non diet!), just to name a few. Just give us the rules, and we’ll plan away! We’re very flexible and will cater to your needs!
  • Groceries are not included in the price of the service. We will use our shopping skills to find the best values for you!
  • Each week, we spend approximately 6-8 hours on your order from start to finish, including an initial consultation to understand your preferences, planning, shopping, cooking, packaging, and cleaning (as well as driving too and fro).
  • All of your meals will be ready to eat or heat, and full instructions will be left with each meal to enjoy at your convenience.

Individual Menu Service

  • Includes: Individual Lunches and Dinners (for 1 person). You choose 5 meal options and we will make 2 portions of each meal.
  • Service Fee: 5 days of lunches and dinners (10 individual containers of food) $195 plus the cost of groceries.
  • Add another person for $50 (with the same menu plan). *Great option for spouses or friends to split the fees!!*

Entrée Service

  • Each different entrée includes 4 adult sized portions, typically a protein and a side, but completely up to you!
  • Service Fees: 3 meals (that each serve 4 people): $195; 4 meals: $215; 5 meals: $230. *Cost of groceries is not included in the service fee*
  • Add another identical menu for someone else for $50-$65-$75 respectively. For example, choose the 5 Meal Service for $230, find a friend that also wants those same 5 meals (of 4 servings each) and split the service fee of $305! That’s a fee of only $152.50 per person!

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