How It Works

First, is the initial consultation. During this time, I’ll help you pick the service that is best for your needs and will go through a questionnaire with you so that I can start to determine what types of meals will work best for you.

I will then plan out a menu based on your preferences and show it to you for approval.

Once the menu is approved, we will schedule the cooking day. At this point, the service fee will be due and will act as your deposit to hold the day.

On your scheduled day, I will purchase all of the groceries that will be needed for the number of meals you have chosen and will bring them with me to your kitchen to cook! I’ll bring my own kitchen utensils, pans, and cleaning supplies. Then, I’ll start creating your meals! When I am finished, I’ll package the food up and label everything with reheating instructions. Your kitchen will be left sparkly and clean with your delicious foods for the week waiting to be enjoyed! Your grocery receipt will be given to you and be due at this visit.

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